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Insdustries2-1We perform a full range of services on all types of equipment, including dumbwaiters, sidewalk lifts, freight and service elevators, passenger elevators and escalators, both hydraulic and traction. As varied as the equipment itself, so are the locations and facilities these units are located in, they include:

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Condominiums
  • Garages
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Museums
  • Mall
  • Campus Environments
  • Schools
  • Government facilities (secure and unsecure)

We provide the highest level of service for all our clients — below are a few testimonials from our satisfied customers.

“The team assembled to help us with the project was truly top notch. The workmanship, as expected, was solid, but what really made an impression on me (and my team) was the professionalism and genuine care for us and what we are trying to accomplish. Monte Taylor is an absolute rock star. Also, Jason Walter (Mechanic) and Chris Gray (Helper) were great to work with.
All of us at HI DC want to thank the Warfield & Sanford team for being such excellent partners.

~ Mark”

“The elevator project in Building 82 is now complete and the elevator is open for business!
I have to admit that I am happily surprised that it was done so quickly and am also amazed that it was done with so little, if any, disruption to the staff. Kudos to all involved!


“I want to take this opportunity to thank both you and your staff, specifically Mr. Randy, for an excellent job in addressing the elevator issue we experienced on yesterday. Solid technical troubleshooting and persistence in having the power source serviced same day, was responsible for getting the elevators back up and running as designed.
Hats off to you and your crew.

Thank You

Faster performance, energy efficiency, increased reliability, and property value are all big reasons to modernize your elevator equipment.

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We provide the consistent maintenance and the attention to detail necessary to keep your equipment running safely and smoothly, reducing your elevator shut downs.

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Warfield & Sanford provides round the clock support to every unit under our standard maintenance agreement.

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We have the flexibly to handle installations from the simple, to more complex out of the box scenarios.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – we’re there!

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Whether maintaining elevators, installing for a new build, or modernizing, we provide dependable service and the upgrades required to keep your building operating efficiently.

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We have a live attendant available 24 hours a day. Our business is built on personal service that you can count on every time – you will ALWAYS be more than an account number to us.