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Elevator RepairWarfield & Sanford provides round the clock support to every unit under our standard maintenance agreement. We offer guaranteed same day service to malfunctioning equipment needing repairs and/or adjustment and the immediate response time needed in the event of a shutdown. Your call will be answered by a live operator regardless of the time of day or night in which a request for service is reported. Our facility is extensively stocked with replacement parts; this allows us to accomplish most repairs with minimum down time. We provide major repair services such as; ADA, selector, door, fire, and fixture upgrades as well as upgrades to cab interiors.

We also perform Annual Safety Tests, Semi-Annual Safety Tests and Five Year Full Load Testing which is provided in the presence of a 3rd Party Elevator Inspector. Inspections are to assure that elevators are safe and have not been altered except in conformity to the applicable codes and regulations. It is critical to your facility to meet the standards of these safety codes.

Faster performance, energy efficiency, increased reliability, and property value are all big reasons to modernize your elevator equipment.

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We provide the consistent maintenance and the attention to detail necessary to keep your equipment running safely and smoothly, reducing your elevator shut downs.

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Warfield & Sanford provides round the clock support to every unit under our standard maintenance agreement.

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We have the flexibly to handle installations from the simple, to more complex out of the box scenarios.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – we’re there!

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Whether maintaining elevators, installing for a new build, or modernizing, we provide dependable service and the upgrades required to keep your building operating efficiently.

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We have a live attendant available 24 hours a day. Our business is built on personal service that you can count on every time – you will ALWAYS be more than an account number to us.